One Step Checkout - Magento 1

Speed up the checkout process and increase the conversion rate of your store with simple and responsive one step checkout.


Magento® Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x
Magento® Enterprise 1.10x - 1.14x

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One step checkout makes your checkout process simple and fast by combining all steps into one page checkout. It provides an easy way to your customers to shop and help in increase conversion rate.

All checkout step are combined in one

Login box for existing customer

Apply coupon code before checkout

Change quantity direct from review box


  1. Support all payment and Shipping methods
  2. Fully Responsive design for all devices
  3. Support all group customer checkout such as register, guest, new etc.
  4. Customer registration from checkout page
  5. Add title and description for checkout page from backend
  6. Newsletter subscription enable/disable for checkout page
  7. Customer comment during checkout
  8. Quantity change option under review section
  9. Apply coupon code section
  10. Theme and custom color selection
  11. Customer leading source section
  12. Add custom messages for different sections

Easy configuration for backend

Option to add title and description for checkout page

Provide extra features to your customers during checkout

Easy interface to register and login from checkout page

Option to add title & buttons background colors and CSS

Set popup window width as per your design

Get to know who lead your customer to your store with customer source functionality

Add customer message to show over different process

  1. Disable Cache, Compilation and Merge JS-CSS options before install.
  2. Extract the downloaded extension zip.
  3. Upload all files and directories from step-1 through FTP to root of your Magento® installation.
  4. Upload all files and directories from step-2 through FTP to root of your Magento® installation.
  5. Logout from admin and re-login after installation.
  6. Refresh and Flush all Cache.
Version 1.0.0
- Initial release.