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Multiple vendor and drop shipping allows to sell products through multiple vendors, suppliers or drop shippers.

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Magento® Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x
Magento® Enterprise 1.10x - 1.14x

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Multi vendor and drop shipping extension allows you to sell your products through multiple vendors, suppliers or drop shippers.It provides an easy way to your vendors to add and manage their products and facilitate them with their own shipping method and cost.

Users can easy signup as a vendor account and add their own products to sell. Vendors can ship products directly from their warehouses or other locations. Vendors can also set their own shipping methods and shipping cost.

Start your own business!

It gives you an opportunity to create or set your own online business by just creating a store and add multiple vendors on it.Vendors can easily sign up from frontend and add their products on store to sell.Admin would have full control over all vendors and their related affairs.

Why multi vendor on single store?

Provides enrich experience to the customers to easily buy different product from different vendors. And easy promotion of the products.

Admin Features

  1. Automatic and manual vendor approve/disapprove.
  2. Full control over all vendor products and their activities.
  3. Set products auto-approve for any trusted vendors.
  4. Set product limit to add products on store for any vendors.
  5. Control over venders shipping methods and cost.
  6. Commission management for vendors.
  7. Admin can send direct payment to vendors for their orders
  8. Admin controlled and configured all aspects of customer to vendor
  9. communication and interaction

Vendor Features

  1. Vendors can ship their products from different warehouses or locations.
  2. Every vendor can select their own shipping method and can add their own shipping cost.
  3. Can Import Products through CSV.
  4. Vendor dashboard with total sales, orders, stats etc.
  5. Order Reports and Sale statements
  6. Vendor RSS update
  7. Facilitate vendors to create products with different attributes.
  8. Attach purchase orders, shipping labels and packing slips to vendor notification emails

Other Features

  1. End customers can buy products from multiple vendors in an single order.
  2. Vendor signup with a simple registration form.
  3. Vendor link will be displayed on top of the website links.
  4. Email notifications will be sent for new vendor signup, new vendor order and statement.
  5. SKU numbers of products can also be prefixed by vendor name.
  1. Install the extension as per instructions.
  2. Configure it under configuration section.
  3. Extension is ready to use
  4. By just filling registration form, users can be signed up as an vendor to the store.As soon as they sign up, they would have their own store ready to sell their products.They can add/manage products, manage inventory, set different shipping method and cost on their own.All products from different vendors would be shown up as single store products and provide an easy way to promote them.
  1. Disable Cache, Compilation and Merge JS-CSS options before install.
  2. Logout from admin and relogin after installation.
  3. Refresh and Flush all Cache.
Version Version
Version Version 1.1.0
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements.