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Analytic reporting of the store which includes numbers, graphs and lists for orders, customers and products.


Magento® Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x
Magento® Enterprise 1.10x - 1.14x

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Date filters:It helps to check and compare store performance between different dates to analysis and take action accordingly. All data display as per the dates selected in filters except lifetime sale and average.

Data to information: Hawk Eye mold you store data into useful information and present in graphical form which gives you the clear view of store activities.

Step ahead in business: Information provided by Hawk Eye can be used
- to understand, analysis and predicts the results
- identify the area to improve
- make plan according to available figure and much more

Why Hawk Eye Dashboard?

  1. Compare performance between different dates and take action accordingly.
  2. Get to know the sale peak hours, days and week of your store.
  3. Check what number of orders have been completed and under processing.
  4. Tells about the countries, ordres made from.
  5. List top customer and products with count.
  6. Shows which and what percentage of shipping methods used by customers.

What Hawk Eye Provides?

Date filters: It helps to check and compare store performance between different dates to analysis and take action accordingly.

Store switcher: One installation for all sites on your store. You can check data for any store just by selecting it from drop down.

Number and percentage: Provides you the numbers for orders, customers, products and sold item and percentage for each with respect to lifetime numbers till today.

Orders/Amount trend and last orders list: Display the trend for order and amount with list of last order placed on store.

Order and Customer status graph: Order status shows the percentage and number of order are completed, canceled, under processing etc. And customer status graph shows that are the customers new or returning who placed orders.

Order by customers group and customer/guest checkout graph: Identify which customer group is more active and making more purchase and do the orders placed by customer or guest users on the store.

Order graphs for order by hours, day and week: These help to know which week of the month, day of the week, and hour of the day hitting the maximum, minimum and average sale on you store.

Top customer and Best Seller lists: Get to know who are the top customers those made good purchase and best seller those contribute to maximise the sale.

Shipping method: It show which and what percentage of each shipping method is used by customers.

Country graph: Display the countries on map with orders numbers for each.

  1. Complete sales insight of your business.
  2. Date filters to check and compare store data between date spans or each day.
  3. Display data for all store at one board or for each store separately.
  4. Show numbers for Sale, Orders, Customer registered, Items Sold, shipping, tax etc. within selected time span.
  5. Display progress graphs and tables for different sections.
  1. Disable Cache, Compilation and Merge JS-CSS options before install.
  2. Extract the downloaded extension zip.
  3. Upload all files and directories through FTP to root of your Magento® installation.
  4. Logout from admin and re-login after installation.
  5. Refresh and Flush all Cache.
Version 1.1.0
- Initial release.