PHP Composer – The Right Way to Install & Upgrade Third Party Magento 2 Extensions

Though Magento 2 is an open source platform. But installing and upgrading modules is not an easy task, this needs expertise in Magento 2 platform.

But, what if you implement PHP Composer?  This task will be more convenient if such an effective solution as PHP Composer is implemented. Basically, the composer helps the store owners to manage the extensions on their website. It will also help to upgrade the extensions quickly to newer versions.

Keeping this in mind, we at launched composer packs for all our Magento 2 extensions. This helps in easy to install & upgradation of all Magento 2 modules at one place.

Benefits for a Magento 2 store owners which they get with the Composer:

Magento Installation Quickly-  The Magento 2 system can be downloaded and installed itself via Composer. Users do not have to handle all the system and updates manually, as the manager assembles and updates all the conforming dependencies.

Reusable Packages- All the installed third-party library packages can be repeatedly used and kept updated automatically.

Module Arrangement– Via composer, the manager updates the required versions and manage the corresponding dependencies easily. For those, users who install third-party Magento 2 modules.

Installing Extensionhut Extensions via Composer

From now onwards, Magento 2 store owners are able to install Extensionhut extensions via Composer from our store.

As soon as you download the Extensionhut module, the corresponding package dependencies can be managed via Composer.

1. First, you should login to your customer account at the Extensionhut store.

After this, go to Account -> My Downloadable Extensions.

2. Next, click on Install via Composer link and you will get the list of all commands which you will need to execute on your Magento installation’s root directory.

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